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How Doctors Find New Patients

Using FairCareMD™, doctors list their services where patients come to find great care for a cash price. Here is how it works:

How it Works

  1. List Your Services...
    with what you would like to get paid for them.

    You set ranges of acceptability and the system automatically accepts, notifies or rejects the Patient Request (called NewDeals). You have COMPLETE control and a powerful system to automate the process!

  2. Choose Your Patients...
    from those who request your services.

    Using our Patent Pending communication and deal management system called the The DoneDeal Dashboard™, you and your staff can easily build relationships with prospective new patients ready to pay a fair price for your services.

  3. Treat Your New Patients Well...
    and they will multiply.

    FairCareMD™ offers Verified Online Reviews that you control the publication of. Let your best patients spread the word about your care and build an online reputation to rival your offline one. Next, watch as this instantly turns into a following on Facebook or Twitter and a full waiting room. Welcome to the new Word of Mouth.

How Does FairCareMD Benefit my Practice

FairCareMD™helps you grow your practice and improve your revenue cycle while helping to make a better future for your practice.

What are the Benefits

  1. Grow Your Practice

    Let's face it, insurance companies do not pay you fairly for your time. By the same token, patients rarely get their money's worth out of insurance. By connecting doctors and patients and removing the middle man FairCareMD™ allows patients paying out-of-pocket (about 30% of all consumers) to contract for your services directly. This cuts out the middle man and lets you be paid a fair price for your services at the time of service, not 60 days later.

  2. Take Control

    You decide how you want to practice medicine. Post your standard self-pay fees, throw out the CPT Book, set up a concierge practice, or list your fees for service in 15-minute increments - whatever works for you and your patients is fine with us. Having more FairCareMD™ patients will also improve your managed care contracting position with a better BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement). Finally, you and your patients can make healthcare decisions without worrying about what the insurance company will pay for. Now wouldn't that be nice for a change? Speaking of change...

  3. Join the Revolution

    Is it any surprise that 61% of Physicians are reducing the number of insurance plans they participate with? For the past two decades the greatest change we have seen in healthcare is the tightening grip that insurance companies are exerting on medical providers. Some think those that can give the most should give the most. In Atlas Shrugged, anti-socialist Ayn Rynd suggested we all opt-out and start our own society, but that is not a viable solution. That is why we have created FairCareMD™, a real world alternative to participating with plans that don't pay fairly or quickly. At FairCareMD™ we have designed a medical utopia online where health providers can be paid directly by patients at mutually agreeable prices.

    FairCareMD™ is launching to the New York market in May. We'll give you the system, you just give your great care and remake your practice how you want it to be. As in all revolutions, it is not as easy as maintaining the status quo, but when that status becomes untenable, it is time for a change. Join the Revolution Today!

  4. Improve Cash Flow

    It is estimated that the cost of dealing with insurance companies is up to 40% of a medical practice's overhead. With more cash patients who are ready to pay fair prices for your services, at the time of service, you will improve cash flow while lowering per patient costs. When you don't have to wait 30-90 days for a payment, you will find your cash flow vastly improved. Think of all the paperwork you get to avoid too! No pre-authorizations, no follow-up calls to claim representatives who seem to always lose your paperwork, no waiting on hold for 15 minutes every time you call, no denials based upon "medical necessity" as determined by someone with no medical training. The list goes on and on. With self-pay patients you eliminate all of this and your revenue cycle is extremely short.

How Does FairCareMD Benefit my Practice

Welcome to Medicine in the 21st Century. FairCareMD™ makes it easy to find new patients and frees you from the bonds of modern managed care.

What are the features

  1. Online Reviews You Can Moderate

    Online reviews can be a great boon to your practice, but there is always someone who makes inappropriate or inaccurate statements and you never know if the patient was actually seen by you. Patients also don't trust that the reviews were actually patients. FairCareMD™ changes all this.

    First, only patients that have done a deal with you through our system are allowed to leave reviews. Second, you have to approve every review before it is published. You may suppress the comments on up to 25% of all reviews. *Finally, by allowing patients to review specific procedures it allows patients to see exactly how well regarded your specific services are. Put all this together and we finally have a online provider review system that is fair to everyone.

    *Beyond this level we will generally cancel your subscription. FairCareMD™ is not for everyone and if your patients don't appreciate your work then we don't want you either.

  2. Leverage the New Word of Mouth

    If you are a great doctor, you already know that word-of-mouth is your best friend. People listen to people they know and trust when it comes to finding health providers. Social Media accelerates and magnifies this effect. In addition to talking about you, now patients can fan you on Facebook, Tweet about you on Twitter, and share their experiences with you among their online community. FairCareMD™ makes it easy to do all of these things allowing you to take advantage of the new technologies. You also can tweet great reviews, post them to your Facebook page, or put them into your RSS feed.

    Don't know how to do any of these things? That is fine, you can follow our step-by-step social media guide for physicians to get started today!

  3. Online Automated DoneDeals™

    When someone calls your office and you give them a price over the phone they often don't write down or remember exactly what they are getting when the appointment time comes and this can lead to confusion. FairCareMD™ allows patients and doctors to have a written agreement prior to the time of visit with an agreed upon price for specific services. You set up your offer for services and eliminate misunderstandings once and for all. FairCareMD™ DoneDeal making is simple, fast, and conflict-free.

  4. Simplify Your Workflow

    Making a DoneDeal on FairCareMD™ helps you simplify your work and give the right care. When your office staff makes a deal, they can print it and put it in to the patient's chart so you know exactly what care you have contracted for. All of the patient's demographic information is there so you can make new charts easily too. If you have an EMR we can also integrate to automate this process.

  5. Take Your Time, Give Great Care, Reduce Risk

    Being paid fairly means you don't have to see 30 patients a day to keep the lights on. With a few more FairCareMD™ patients you can reduce participation with payers who do not pay you fairly for your time, leaving more time to give a quality of care...which can be impossible in five minutes of patient facing time. Is that how you really want to practice medicine? You will reduce your chance of missing anything if you spend more time with each patient, reducing risk and we could all use that.

  6. All Your Online Information in One Place

    At FairCareMD™ you can link your profile to up to ten other websites that talk about your work, ratings, licensing, practice, or anything else you want patients to see about you. FairCareMD™ lets you bring everything together in one place. You have complete control.

  7. Improve Your SEO

    You can have the best web site in the world, but if no one ever finds it then what good is it? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term for how high a site will be found when people are searching for sites like yours. It generally works based upon the content on your site and the inbound links to your site. Simply having links from our site to yours, you will improve your SEO. This is because FairCareMD™ is a big target for the likes of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, so our high SEO page rank will help improve yours. Additionally, when a patient searches for a cash price for a medical procedure, FairCareMD™ will come up on page one bringing thousands of new patients to our site daily. When you craft a great offer on FairCareMD™ you will come up first and they will find you.

  8. Don't rely on Big Insurance for New Patients

    With a significant new source of patients, you no longer need to participate in plans that do not treat you fairly. Welcome to the new age of healthcare, where doctors and patients control care, not a policy maker or administrative worker at an insurance company. The only pre-authorization you need to get is from the patient.

  9. Fill those Empty Slots!

    Online marketing tools coming soon to FairCareMD™ will allow you to promote and market your services with the click of a few buttons. You can send a special offer to existing patients, send an ad to people in your area who are looking for care, or even run an offer specific for Fridays at 2 PM. It is your practice and you have complete control. Finally, there is a source for getting new patients you can turn on or off at will!

    We could go on and on about the benefits of our new healthcare marketplace. Until you try FairCareMD™, you won't know how it works for your practice. Sign up today and help change healthcare for the better!

How much will FairCareMD Cost Me?

Three Levels allow you to choose how you want to use FairCareMD™. Change at any time, add Deals of the Day or get Featured. You are in complete control.

Service Levels

  1. Featured Listings

    We'll put you on the front page and get you more patients.

  2. Deals of the Day

    Run specials on page one and reach tens of thousands of patients with special offers.

  3. Transaction Processing

    Turn Self-Pays into Guaranteed-Pays with pre-authorized transactions through Amazon.

  4. Professional Marketing Support

    We can provide your practice with top-level marketing at a fair price, letting you focus on care.