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FairCareMD for Doctors

How Doctors Find New Patients

On FairCareMD™ you can search for Physicians, Dentists, and other healthcare professionals who are willing to provide fair prices for care.

Search for the services you need or want at the price you want to pay.

Choose from a selection of offers for care from many different doctors.

Visit your new doctor once you have a DoneDeal — a contract for care.

  1. Simple Search

    Just type in the care you need or even the symptoms or ailment and our
    search engine will match you up with offers from physicians that are ready to help
    for a reasonable price.

  2. Select the Doctor that fits your needs

    Just like a search on Google, but the result here isn't just a phone number or a review about the doctor, it is what he or she is willing to accept as payment for a specific procedure. Price too high? Request a NewDeal. Didn't find exactly the offer you want? Edit the offer and send it back to the doctor to see if it is ok. Once you have an agreement, we call it a DoneDeal, an informal contract for services.

  3. The Doctor Will See You Now

    With your DoneDeal in hand, call the doctor's office and schedule your appointment. After your visit, we will ask you to do a review which you can post anonymously or share with everyone in the world. It's your privacy and your choice.

How does FairCareMD Benefit Patients?

By cutting out the middle men and paying your doctor directly you will learn that great care does not have to cost a great deal.

How it Works

  1. Fair Prices for Care

    People who walk into a doctor's office are charged much more than insurance
    companies for the same services. FairCareMD™ gives you the opportunity to obtain fair
    prices for care you are paying for at the time of service through our patent pending FairCareMD™ system.

  2. Find new Doctors who will treat you well

    FairCareMD's are among the most progressive doctors we know. They are online, active, and among the best doctors you will find. If you find doctors in the system that are not, please review them as such and once they have too many negative reviews, we will remove them. This is one of the ways we ensure we have only very good doctors listed. Don't have a doctor in a certain specialty that you respect, just tell us and we will help you find one who will treat you well and charge you fairly. Register with FairCareMD™ today and tell us what you need and we will surely find it for you. Try us!

  3. Transparency in Healthcare Pricing

    Most people have no idea what it really costs to get great medical care. If you look at your insurance statements (the Explanation of Benefits or EOB) you will quickly notice how little you doctor is being paid to take care of you. By cutting out the middle man and paying your doctor directly, you will learn that great care does not have to cost a great deal. As insurance plans put more and more of the costs on us with higher deductibles, higher co-pays, and higher premiums, isn't it time we started looking at the actual costs ourselves? FairCareMD™ gives you an easy way to do this, helping you find great Physicians, Dentists, and Surgical Centers that are willing to charge fair prices for their services. Welcome to the change we can make happen ourselves, Welcome to FairCareMD™!

  4. Accountability

    When doctors know you may leave a review of their service, they take better care of you. Your FairCareMDs will be counting on you to give reviews, so make sure they treat you right! Come back here and tell us about your experience. Yes, the Doctors can suppress your comments (not the stars though) but if they do this too many times they will be booted from our system. That's how we play around here. Treat our people great or get out, that is our policy. We like making policies like that.

  5. Support the Revolution

    The people that matter most to healthcare, patients and doctors, are not well-treated by insurance companies. Patients get denied important care and doctors are paid minimal fees or not at all. By making offers and requests in FairCareMD™ you will help change the system by creating an alternative for doctors and patients. Every deal you make, every review you submit, and every need you fill makes the marketplace stronger. Thank you for your support, we know you will like the results.

  6. Support Medical Research

    10% of all our profit goes to support medical research. We allow any provider that is also a researcher free access to FairCareMD™. FairCareMD™ is a company founded by scientists, doctors, and social entrepreneurs that want to make our world a better place. Help us make this work and do something to change your world for the better today!

How does FairCareMD Benefit Patients

FairCareMD™ makes it easy to find great doctors who charge fair prices and frees you from the constraints of health insurance giants.

How it Works

  1. Shop for Care

    Find the services you need or want at a price you can afford. Shop for doctors and services on the new healthcare marketplace, FairCareMD™! With access to ratings, fair prices, reviews, and doctors willing to take fair fees, you have everything you need all in one place to truly shop for care for the first time ever.

  2. Find Great New Doctors

    Register to receive offers from the types of doctors you need or want. Don't have a great cardiologist but think it is about time you did? Tell us and we will make sure you get offers from Cardiologists on FairCareMD™ just for you. Have toothache but FairCareMD™ does not have a dentist in your area? Tell us and we will find one close to you who will accept a reasonable price from you. FairCareMD™ does the leg work for you and helps you get great care at a price you can afford.

  3. Rate your Doctors

    Provide constructive criticism to your provider and contribute to getting them out of the system. Tell everyone how great he or she is and help their practice succeed. Why do they need your help? Did you know most young doctors are opting out of private practice these days because it is hard to build and they are poorly paid. Over 60% of doctors do not even recommend medicine as a career to their own kids anymore. Help change the system so the best and brightest keep going into medicine instead of Wall Street.

  4. Help Make the World a Better Place

    Every request or DoneDeal™ you do on FairCareMD™ supports our dual causes, improving access to care for all and supporting medical research. Help yourself and do a good thing too. What's better than that?