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X-Ray, any one area of the body

Chiropractor Dr. Mark Eisen DC offers X-Ray, any one area of the ... for a list price of $85

Chiropractor interpretation and technical imaging combined fee for any one area of the body. One area of the body could include one of these regions and may include up to three images:

Sided Areas - only one side of the body is included - Hand, Wrist - Foot / Ankle - Knee - Hip - Upper Leg - Lower Leg - Hip - Shoulder - Arm / Elbow - Hand / Wrist

Central Areas - Lower Spine (Lumbar & Sacral) - Mid Spine (Thoracic) - Upper Spine (Cervical and Upper Thoracic) - Head - Pelvic Region - Chest

Copies of films available at an additional $10 each.

Additional Information About This Offer:

Age Range: all

Created on: 05/20/10
Last modified on: 05/20/10
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