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Eye Examination, New Patient

Optometrist Dr. Justin Bazan OD offers Eye Examination, New Patient for a 'Deal of the Day' price of $135
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New patient visit for an eye exam.

Includes about twenty minutes with Dr. Bazan.

The exam begins by testing your visual acuity or the sharpness of your vision. There are several different tests for visual acuity. The most familiar one has lines of black letters on a white chart. Next, your eyes may be tested with an Amsler grid. This test helps Dr. Bazan determine if you are experiencing areas of distorted or reduced vision, both common symptoms of macular degeneration. If you do have macular degeneration, your doctor will use the Amsler grid to determine if your vision has changed.

After these visual tests, the front part of your eyes will be examined to determine if everything is healthy. Your doctor may put anesthetic drops in your eyes before measuring the pressure in each eye.

In many cases drops are administered which cause your pupils to dilate. This will allow your doctor to examine the retina through the enlarged pupil. The drops typically take between 20 and 45 minutes to work, and will wear off in about 4 hours. While the pupils are dilated, it is usually difficult to read, and bright lights may be uncomfortable. Some patients use sunglasses after dilation to reduce light sensitivity. If you are walking or taking a subway you should be fine, but we disadvise strongly driving for four hours.

We also may utilze the slit lamp to examine your eyes. A silt lamp is a microscope that gives Dr. Bazan a magnified view of the retina. Using the slit lamp, your doctor will look for drusen and other areas of the retina that appear suspicious or abnormal.

After the dilating drops are administered and allowed time to work, your eye doctor will seat you at a device called a slit lamp. The slit lamp is a special microscope that enables the doctor to examine the different parts of the eye under magnification. When used with handheld lenses or special contact lenses, the slit lamp gives the examiner a highly magnified view of the retina.

Additional testing may sometimes be required for complete diagnosis and treatment.

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