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First Office Visit - Family Homeopathic Medicine

Family Practitioner Dr. Paul Branch MD offers First Office Visit - Family... for a list price of $45

This offer is for a short, low cost first visit to our office to get to know how we practice medicine. Unlike most practices,we seek to treat the whole body and mind with a single approach. The best of western as well as eastern medicine informs our approach and we find the results for our patients are the best in this way.

During your first visit we will take an extensive history to determine the cause of your issues. Dr. Branch will listen to your symptoms, perform a full examination, identify your problem and / or determine whether additional diagnostic studies are needed.

Blood specimens and lab tests are often useful (some of which can be ordered here on FairCareMD). We suggest a general wellness or diagnostic screening be performed two weeks prior to your visit and have the results either with you or sent to our offices as well.

Why you would select Homeopath? THE HOMEOPATHIC PROCESS & THE DEEP-HEALING PROGRAM This is an in-depth program that treats illness at multiple levels.

The process begins with an initial two to four hour interview. Dr. Branch maps out the underlying energy pattern (see personalized patient map) of the illness. As he explains it, “Each person has a certain ‘energetic imprint’ out of which imbalances spring.” Dr. Branch uses the mapping process to track where a patient’s emotional, mental, and physical symptoms come together. When it comes to holistic healing, the patient’s experience provides more important information than lab tests.

At the conclusion of the initial interview, Dr. Branch takes a Digimeridian measurement and uses it to frame a Chinese medicine understanding of the case. He may elect to use adjunct herbal, dietary, or nutraceutical therapy.

After the initial consultation, Dr. Branch will choose to either study the case further or make a prescription for the homeopathic remedy that matches a patient’s “energetic imprint.” Finding an exact, curative prescription for a patient takes time and effort. Most cases can be solved within a four-month period.

There are usually three follow-up appointments, the first occurring about one month after the patient takes the first dose of the remedy. At any point during the process Dr. Branch may elect to re-take the case in more depth. At a follow-up session, Dr. Branch evaluates his patient’s response, discusses therapies and educates the patient on the therapies and the different energetic levels of healing. If necessary, he refines the treatment.

Additional follow-up sessions occur once a month thereafter, with each session lasting between 30-45 minutes. Because homeopathic remedies are one substance among a few thousand, Dr, Branch may need to re-interview a patient in order to pinpoint the proper match.

At the end of four months, many patients will continue their treatment with a maintenance schedule of follow-up sessions or simply see him for an occasional holistic medicine tune-up. Others may still need more intensive work to bring the case to a close.

If a patent has chronic disease and is dependent upon pharmaceutical drugs, it is possible to begin homeopathic treatment while the patient remains on the medicine. As the homeopathic treatment takes effect, the drugs, in many cases, can be gradually discontinued.

Thank you for your interest in our services. Please be welcome to contact us with questions either through FairCareMD by responding to this offer or by calling our office.

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