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Deal of the Day

Gynecological First Visit for New Patients
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Gynecologist Dr. Lisa Eng DO offers Gynecological First Visit f... for a 'Deal of the Day' price of $150
A Fair Price for this service is $319 according to the HealthcareBlueBook (see more)

This offer is for your first visit with us and is for New Patients Only. 

It is a special kind of visit that will go into great detail about your wellness, medical history, and that of your family - especially female relatives. 

If you are currently experiencing any problems we will also start the process of examining them in detail, often ordering tests and outlining a preliminary treatment plan. 

As needed we will coordinate care with doctors in our group as well as our extensive network of other outstanding providers 

Offer Details
 -Physical Examination by Dr. Eng 
 -Detailed Personal, Medical, and Family History discussion and documentation 
- please make sure you know the medical history of your female family members as best as possible.
- Blood drawing as needed (sent to lab of your choice, additional fees apply - see ) 
 -Pelvic Examination including pap smear sampling (pathology fee included) 
 -Discussion of risk and predisposiing factors 
 -Education on risk reduction behaviors and options 
 -Documentation and treatment plan based on findings (may require follow-up visit if pathology or other reports not available yet) 
 -Typically involves 30 minutes of time from one of our expertly trained and talented nurse practitioners, nurses, or office staff. 
 -Copies of all records available at minimal charge and upon request ($.0.25 cents per page copied or free electronic copies with email address.) 
 + Please note that payment is required at the time of service for this offer. Paying directly reduces our overhead costs and allows us to deliver the best care for less

Additional Information About This Offer:

Age Range: over 12

Background Information:

Our practice focuses on the prevention of gynecologiucal problems for our patients, promoting wellness, beauty, and overall women's health. We can help you not only in your medical needs, but also with your cosmetic goals to achieve your highest level of physical and emotional well being. 

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