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Initial Evaluation, Patients with minor issues, Primary Care

Family Practitioner Dr. Aaron Blackledge MD offers Initial Evaluation, Patient... for a 'Deal of the Day' price of $145

This offer is for a first visit for a new patient. This could be for school, work, or just general knowledge and wellness. It is highly recommended for everyone concerned about being healthy. At CarePractice we pride ourselves in taking our time and making sure that time is well spent.

An Annual Physical generally consists of the following elements: - History Taking where you fill out extensive forms that the physician will review and discuss with you and become part of your medical record - Oral History Taking where you and the medical team will discuss your medical history and status in greater detail - Physical Examination - Review of your Lab test results (search "Comprehensive Metabolic Profile" to find an offer for the correct tests, allow 7 days to make sure all your results are available at the time of your visit) - Orders and coordination of additional testing if needed to further investigate potential or existing issues - Discussion of on-going care and treatment options - Documentation

This process can take up to an hour of Physician and staff time including documentation and coordination of care with other providers.

You will be provider electronic copies of your records free of charge or paper copies for $0.25 per page.

Thank you for your interest in our services and for using FairCareMD!

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