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Nutritional Counseling, First Visit

Nutritionist Lisa Cohn RD, MED, MMSc offers Nutritional Counseling, Fir... for a list price of $350

Nutritional Strategy

Your journey at Park Avenue Nutrition begins with a one-on-one strategy session with top nutritional resource, Lisa Cohn, who will devise a personalized nutrition program to help you on your path to better health in a truly holistic fashion. With her extensive expertise in science-based nutrition, she will develop an individualized plan that will give you the immediate confidence to believe you can achieve your goals and lead the healthy life you seek. Nutritional health is our primary focus, but we also recognize that wellness and lasting health come from a balance of nourishment and emotional/physical strength.

All you have to do is make a commitment to success and well give you the personal attention you need to help you make the right changes in your eating habits. And, well give you a hour FREE massage treatment of your choice with the first consultation.

EATING FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Its not about fad diets and deprivation. Its about enjoying life and the pleasure of eating well. Its about knowing you CAN do it:

* Weight loss
* Eating disorders
* Metabolic measurement
* A better balance between your life and your weight

EATING FOR DIGESTIVE HEALTH Find digestive wellness with an eating plan based in proven nutritional science:

* Tummy discomfort
* Irritable bowel
* Bloating
* Food allergies
* Gluten-free nutrition

EATING FOR EMOTIONAL WELL BEING Learn to de-stress and soothe emotional concerns through better nourishment for your mind and body:

* Stress management
* Detox
* Sleep disturbance
* Depression, Anxiety
* Body image issues
* Attention deficit disorder

EATING FOR HEART HEALTH Be kind to your heart with a diet based in heart healthy nutrition:

* Blood pressure control
* Cholesterol management
* Circulation problems
* Diabetes

EATING FOR FAMILY HEALTH Give your growing, active kids and teens the gift of eating right:

* Kids on the go

      o Healthy meals
      o Snacks
      o Sports nutrition
      o Teen needs
      o Overweight, underweight

* Healthy shopping list

      o Picker eaters
      o Natural and organic options
      o Vitamins and supplements

* Brain Health

      o Mood swings
      o Anxiety
      o Eating disorders

EATING FOR WOMENS HEALTH Feel vitality from head to toe when you take charge of your nutritional health.

* Menstrual issues
* Fertility
* Menopause
* Osteoporosis

EATING FOR BEAUTY Learn how eating right benefits you from the inside out:

* Skin
* Hair
* Nails
* Emotional perception
* Beauty regimen

In your First Visit, Nutritionist Lisa Cohn will do a thorough evaluation of your current dietary patterns and help you develop a plan for the future. Generally this will be a 45 minute session with Lisa but plan for 90 minutes overall (not including the free session with our on site masseuse!)

Thank you for your interest in us and your health.

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Age Range: All

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