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Office Visit, New Patient, Level 4

Internist Dr. Ilya Kleyn MD offers Office Visit, New Patient, ... for a list price of $400
A Fair Price for this service is $319 according to the HealthcareBlueBook (see more)

Moderate or higher problem requiring counseling and treatment, may require coordination of care with other

First visit for New Patients Only. This offering is generally for a moderate or higher problem requiring counseling and treatment and may require coordination of care with other providers. Offer Includes: Physical Examination by physician Detailed personal and Family History review. Blood drawing for full blood chemistry and cellular count (sent to lab of your choice – fees apply) Eye Examination using eye chart if warranted Documentation and treatment plan for any outstanding issues History taking and treatment plan Typically involves 45 minutes of time from one of our expertly trained and talented nurse practitioners, nurses, or office staff. Copies of all records available at minimal charge and upon request – 5 cents per page copied or free electronic copies (save a tree!)

Additional Information About This Offer:

Age Range: Over 18

Created on: 07/09/10
Last modified on: 07/09/10