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Office Visit, New Urology Patient with moderate problem

Urologist Dr. Robert Gluck MD offers Office Visit, New Urology P... for a list price of $150
A Fair Price for this service is $319 according to the HealthcareBlueBook (see more)

This type of visit is for new patients with problems relating to areas of the groin. This can include anything from problems urinating to concerns about your risk for prostate cancer, one of the most serious risks men face, We also treat female issues relating to the urinary tract as well.

On your first visit we will do a full medical history and interview. We do this in order to learn as much about you as possible and to determine your risk factors and associated issues to help you better understand your choices. Actual treatment may begin in this visit, but the real goal is to begin the process and determine the right path to diagnose and treat your issues. Often times additional testing will include coordination of care with other providers, many of whom can be found here on FairCareMD for reasonable fees for people paying directly.

Your first visit will typically will include up to 45 minutes with Dr. Gluck and our expertly trained staff.

This visit is a good choice if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

  • Blood in the urine (also known as hematuria).
  • Incontinence or the inabililty to control urination.
  • Recurring or persistient urinary tract infections.
  • Tumors located in the bladder.
  • Moderate to Severe Pain in the testicles, penis, or kidney areas
  • Difficulty urinating or other symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

You will be asked to complete new patient paperwork which will go through your history in detail. The urologist will ask you to describe your symptoms, their severity and frequency.

Your doctor may administer some or all of these tests:

* Physical Exam
* Urine Analysis and Urine Culture (included)
* Uroflowmetry (included if needed)
* Blood Drawing (included if needed)
* Prostate Exam to check the size and firmness of the prostate (optional, but recommended - male patients only)

Typical additional tests may be performed but are subject to available appointments and additional charges\

* Specific Blood Tests (separate fees apply for this - not included)
* Ultrasound-creates a visual image of the size and structure of internal organs (separate fees apply for this - not included)
* Cystourethroscopy allows the doctor to visualize internal organs with a camera inserted laparoscopically (not included)
* Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test for Prostate Cancer Screening

Dr. Gluck may need to do some additional tests to better understand your specific condition, including any factors that may be caused by, or are related to the symptoms you are experiencing.

Finally, based upon the information available, Dr. Gluck will discuss the various treatment plans and options to address your issue. If test results are not available, as is often the case, we will plan a follow-up visit (generally a level 2 for an existing patient.) You can also do a telephone consultation, also available through FairCareMD.

Additional Information About This Offer:

Age Range: 12 and up

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