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Pediatric Dermatology Office Visit for Existing Patients

Pediatric Dermatologist Dr. Leonard Kristal MD offers Pediatric Dermatology Offic... for a list price of $136
A Fair Price for this service is $136 according to the HealthcareBlueBook (see more)

Please choose this service if you are having a moderate problem requiring counseling and treatment.  For serious issues please seek immediate treatment at your local urgent care center.  If you are an existing patient and problems are worsening you can also call our emergency number, available when you call our main number.

If your child has a rash, bumps, lesions, minor burns, severe sun burns, moles that are growing, or any other skin problem AND they have been to our office within the last three years please utilize this offering.  Otherwise we ask that you utilize our new patient offering.

This Offer includes: 
- Established patient visit 
- Evaluation, Treatment and Counseling relating to a problem you are experiencing of low to moderate severity requiring counseling and treatment and may require coordination of care with other providers. 
- Includes an expanded problem focused personal and family history review as relates to the problem. 
- Expanded problem focused physical examination by physician as relates to the problem. 
- Low-complexity medical decision. 
- Typically involves 15 minutes of time from one of our expertly trained and talented Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, or Medical Assistants. 
- Includes coordination with other providers as needed based on the problem.

Additional Information About This Offer:

Age Range: 18 and under

Created on: 05/26/11
Last modified on: 05/26/11
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