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Physical Therapy Evaluation, Treatment Plan and First Session

Physiatrist Dr. Dorina Drukman DO offers Physical Therapy Evaluation... for a 'Deal of the Day' price of $185
A Fair Price for this service is $161 according to the HealthcareBlueBook (see more)

First visit for PT evaluation.

Come to our facility with a friendly atmosphere and conveniently located adjacent to Grand Central station.

In this visit Dr. Drukman will conduct a thorough examination, have you perform some simple exercises to determine the scope of your injuries and the progress of your recovery to date.  Next, you and she will devise a preliminary treatment plan that works for you.

This visit represents about 30 minutes of Physician time, 30 minutes of licensed and trained Physical Therapist time, use of all required equipment, all documentation required for billing and records, coordination with other care providers, review of any records available (bring them or have your physician send them to us prior to the visit please), a thorough review of your history and treatment to date, and written materials for your review and education.

Additional Information About This Offer:

Age Range: Older than 8 years old

Background Information: Thank you for visiting Grand Central Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation on FairCareMD.  Please also see our full line of related service including acupuncture, podiatry, orthopedics, and general medicine.

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