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Laboratories Health-Screen Lab Services offers WOMENS HEALTH PROFILE for a 'Deal of the Day' price of $105

The Women's Health Profile is that which an adult female would generally be ordered as part of an annual physical examination.

Your doctor may choose to order additional tests but if you bring him or her this when you go for a visit he or she will have most, or all, of the information needed to have a much clearer image of your wellness level and will be ready to make more informed suggestions.

The Women's Health Profile includes:

  1. Coronary Risk Total Cholesterol, HDL (good), LDL (bad), VLDL,

  2. Triglycerides, Cardiac Risk Ratio, TC/HDL Ratio

  3. Metabolic Panel Alkaline Phosphates, Calcium, Chloride,

  4. Potassium, Protein, Sodium, Iron

  5. Liver Function Albumin, Bilirubin, ALT, AST, LDH, GGT

  6. Kidney Function BUN, Creatinine, A/G Ratio, Uric Acid, Globulin

  7. Diabetic Screen Glucose

  8. Thyroid Profile (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Free Thyroxine Index (FTI), Thyroxine (T4), T3 Uptake)

Combined with teh advice of a trained medical professional, these tests give the well informed woman diagnostic information regarding their health status.

Please be advised that while we support and assist your care, we are not practicing, treating physicians. Our laboratory services are overseen by trained pathologists and clinical chemists, but this is not a substitute for a visit to your General Practitioner or Gynecologist.

This offering is for patients providing payment at the time of service. All orders will be processed through our website. Obtaining a great price through FairCareMD may provide additional discounts to our already low fees. In this case, we will send promotional codes and a link to our site after you have an accepted deal through the system.

Thank you for your interest in Health Screens Services. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your path to optimal health.

All tests are private. No data is shared with outside parties unless you ask us to send them. Health Screens assumes no liability for the use of the information provided to you, only the accuracy.

Additional Information About This Offer:

Age Range: over 18

Created on: 11/03/10
Last modified on: 11/10/10
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