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Dr. Marina Gafanovich MD

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Practice Statement:

Dr. Marina Gafanovich is one of New York top rated doctors. She is one of just a few board certified physicians affiliated with Weill Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan that accept major insurance plans.

Dr. Gafanovich offers high a standard of medical care and an unparalleled level of dedication to her patients. In our office, we know that you are entrusting us with the most precious work of keeping you and your family healthy!

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Our Practice Philosophy

We know that you are entrusting us with the most precious work – keeping you and your family healthy! We are dedicated to providing you with the best, most professional, and compassionate care. We believe in an integrated and humanistic approach to primary care, in treating the patient rather than just the disease.

We spend time taking a thorough history to understand the nature of a patient’s needs, complaints, and fears. Our goal is to integrate the biological, psychological, and social factors that affect the state of health for each individual. Our philosophy is to treat the unerlying problem as well as the symptoms. We focus on primary and secondary prevention of diseases to build a healthy foundation for the future of each patient.

We are our patients' best advocates. We aim to teach our patients to recognize the tremendous healing potential that they have within themselves. Our goal is to help our patients medically and be able to hear their concerns. We review results of the tests and consulting physicians' suggestions together with the patient and decide the best treatment plan.

We thank you for visiting us online and look forward to meeting you and caring for you and your family in person.


Upper East Side Office

1550 York Avenue
(between 81st and 82nd Street)
New York, NY 10025

Accepted Insurance:

Dr. Marina Gafanovich MD

Aetna Choice® POS
Aetna Choice® POS II
Aetna Health Network Only?
Aetna Health Network Option?
Aetna HealthFund® Aetna Choice® POS
Aetna HealthFund® Aetna Health Network Only?
Aetna HealthFund® Aetna Health Network Option?
Aetna HealthFund® Open Access Aetna Select?
Aetna HealthFund® Open Access Elect Choice® EPO
Aetna HealthFund® Open Access Managed Choice® POS
Aetna HealthFund® Open Access POS II
Aetna HealthFund® Open Choice® PPO
Aetna Open Access® Elect Choice (EPO)
Aetna Open Access® HMO
Aetna Open Access® Managed Choice® (POS)
Aetna Select?
Elect Choice® (EPO)
Managed Choice® (POS)
Open Access Aetna Select?
Open Choice® (PPO)
Quality Point-of-Service® (QPOS®)
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Cigna HMO
Open Access Plan
POS, POS Open Access
Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
Direct HMO, Direct Pay HMO, Direct Pay POS, DirectShare POS
Healthy New York
MediBlue HMO
MediBlue PPO
Empire Plan
The Empire Plan (UHC)
Health Net
Advantage Platinum HMO/POS
Advantage Platinum Insurance PPO
Oxford Health Plans
Freedom Plan
Liberty Plan
Definity PPO
Harvard Pilgrim Choice Plus
Harvard Pilgrim Options
UnitedHealthcare Choice
UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus
UnitedHealthcare iPlan Choice Plus
UnitedHealthcare iPlan PPO
UnitedHealthcare Options PPO
UnitedHealthcare Select EPO
UnitedHealthcare Select Plus HMO
UnitedHealthcare Select Plus POS