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Dr. Audrey Halpern MD

Practice Statement:

Often, because of the frequency of headaches, and the need for frequent visits, convenience is of the utmost importance, second only to receiving the best and most compassionate care. For this reason, Dr. Halpern will provide care in her office, or at your home or office, whichever is most convenient. Offering immediate access, for questions, concerns, or appointments, is an important part of this convenient care.

Many neurological conditions, such as migraine and concussion, can be treated through a multi-faceted approach. Benefit may be both seen and felt when paying needed attention to all aspects of how a neurological condition may be affected by life circumstances and how life circumstances are affected by neurological conditions.

As a board certified neurologist, Dr. Halpern will also diagnose and treat a wide variety of neurological disorders or conditions, including concussion, head injury, back pain, neck pain, pinched nerves, neuropathy, seizures, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and others.

Treatment Approaches Used

Dr. Halpern provides expertise in diagnosis of complicated headache disorders, and will provide individualized treatment plan designed for each individual patient. Multiple modalities of migraine treatment include:

  • Customized care in-office, or at your own home or office Traditional medical treatments (including medications, Botox and other injections)

  • Holistic therapies (including natural supplements, acupuncture, sleep management, nutrition and weight loss, active release)

  • Stress Reduction (including massage, yoga, and meditation)

All of these techniques can be integrated into a comprehensive plan to help patients effectively manage and minimize frequency and severity of headaches and other neurological conditions through a customized treatment plan based on each patient’s lifestyle, triggers, history, and symptoms.

Concierge Medicine

Concierge medical practitioners like Dr. Halpern have fewer patients, thus are more available to see and treat you. Dr. Halpern can be reached by her concierge patients via email or cell phone, day or night, to consult with patients. The flexibility of in office or at home care with priority scheduling is another perk of concierge care.

A medical bill will be provided for reimbursement through your out-of-network benefits for all office visits. Some services may not be covered by insurance such as house calls and other member benefits.


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