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Office Visit, Existing Patients, Follow-up for Moderate Problems

Internist Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg MD, MS offers Office Visit, Existing Pati... for a list price of $85
A Fair Price for this service is $136 according to the HealthcareBlueBook (see more)

Moderate problem requiring counseling and treatment, may require coordination of care with other providers- approximately 15 minutes with the doctor. 

Offer includes:
 - Established patient visit
 - Evaluation, Treatment and Counseling relating to a problem you are experiencing of low to moderate severity requiring counseling and treatment and may require coordination of care with other providers.
 - Includes an expanded problem focused personal and family history review as relates to the problem.
 - Low-complexity medical decision.
 - Includes coordination with other providers as needed based on the problem.

Additional Information About This Offer:

Background Information: If we are treating you for ongoing issues each office visit is important, but follow-ups are not as time consuming or expensive.  We list our reasonable fees for follow-up care to show our commitment to continuing care.  We do not believe in surprises that can be avoided and pricing of care should not be a surprise.

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