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Your loyal and compassionate eye doctor! I am committed to exceeding your expectations by providing you with exceptional eyecare. You will find my up to date and extensive expertise allows me to address all of your eyecare concerns. Your needs will be thoroughly addressed because I perform above and beyond what is considered the norm. I take pride in giving you the best service and care you’ve ever had. Your satisfaction is a minimum requirement. My goal is to far surpass that requirement and to earn your loyalty. Please follow the links above, especially on Yelp, to see what my patients say about me and why many consider me to be their eye doctor for life!

My services include, but are not limited to:

  • Exams geared towards identifying and solving your needs, with an emphasis on individual attention. A thorough ocular health examination geared towards maintaining or restoring optimal ocular health. I take pride in accurately diagnosing and managing ocular disease. I am extremely passionate about working with Dry Eye sufferers…there is almost always something more you can do to bring back those days of comfortable eyes.
  • A precise vision exam geared towards providing you with the optimal prescription for your glasses and contacts tailored to your specific needs.
  • A contact lens exam geared towards providing you with the best pair of contact lenses you have ever had. I have a passion for Multi-Focal Contacts and love seeing patients who have been unsuccessfully fitted in the past.
  • A personalized consultation to review and discuss the results of all your tests. Questions welcomed and encouraged!
  • Emergency Eyecare. No appointment needed. Broad scope diagnosis and treatment. From pink eye to a scratched eye, ripped contacts to foreign objects. You will get the prompt and proper treatment you deserve.
  • An extremely vast knowledge of optometric, ophthalmic and optical products and services provided to you in a friendly and fair manner.
  • After hour exams available by appointment.

When non-optometric disorders are diagnosed, I work with other allied health care professionals and specialists, such as neurologists, dermatologists, internists, ophthalmologists, and others as necessary. Feel confident that in order to ensure your best care, I will actively place you under the care of the best care provider!

Please bring me your problems. I enjoy helping you solve them!

However, I am a proactive doctor. I would rather prevent problems than treat them, just as I hope you would as well. I provide you with what I know to be as the best care for you. It may be different than what you are currently doing, it may be different than what you found on the internet, it may be different from what your friend does. With that said, if you are going to be my patient, you must trust in my care and commit to the prescribed treatment or plan. If you do not believe my interests lie with your best interest, it would be fair to say that there can be no bond of trust between us and you should seek the care of a health care provider who may better suit your needs. Indeed this would be unfortunate because these days a doctor who focuses on excellence in patient care is rare.

As a voracious opthalmic journal and trade magazine reader, I vow to keep my education continuously current and up to date. You can feel assured that I spend several hours a week learning about the latest and greatest things in order to enhance our experience together. Additionally I can be found at optometric gatherings, such as the Vision Expo, taking many (many many) hours of continuing education. I really enjoy learning, especially about my profession.


  • Trinity University
  • State University of New York College of Optometry

Syracuse VA Hospital - Ocular Disease Internship Aran Eye Associates.- Clinical Optometric Internship



  • American Optometric Association
  • New York State Optometric Association
  • Proactive Optometric Physicians
  • Optometric Nutrition Society
  • Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society

Awards & Publications:

Please see my blog for my on-going publications at http://parkslopeeye.wordpress.com/

My greatest award is the appreciation my patients show for me on yelp and soon here as well I expect!

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