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Veneer Planning - One Complete Veneer

Dentist Dr. Manish Ladani DDS offers Veneer Planning - One Compl... for a list price of $1500

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain dental veneers are a beautiful way to correct stained, chipped, or crooked teeth. By placing glass-like ceramic porcelain on the surface of teeth, dentists can provide patients with bright, straight, and natural looking smiles. If you are considering veneers we welcome you to come in for a free evaluation. If you already know that this is the service you need then we recommend this offer

Placement of porcelain veneers is one that requires the skill, precision, and artistry of a talented cosmetic dentist. Having your smile made over with veneers usually takes about three office visits.

How Many Visits will it Take?

In the first visit we will first plan your new smile by determining what size, shape, and type of veneers will best complement your smile, face shape, and aesthetic desires. Next, he will carefully prepare the teeth by removing a small amount of enamel to accommodate the veneer. He will then place temporary veneers to protect the teeth while the permanent version is crafted in a dental laboratory.

When the permanent veneers are ready, you will return for your third visit to have your permanent veneers placed. This is the final step in your smile transformation, and you can leave our office with a brand new, beautiful smile.

What Will My Porcelain Veneers Look Like?

The glass-like ceramic that forms porcelain veneers closely resembles natural tooth enamel. This is because, much like real tooth enamel, porcelain veneers are translucent. When light strikes a natural tooths surface, it is not immediately reflected off. Instead, it penetrates the tooth enamel and reflects off the opaque tooth dentin that lies just beneath. This translucent effect is what gives teeth their luster. By replicating this, porcelain dental veneers provide patients with bright, natural looking smiles.

Porcelain dental veneers can also cover and repair cracked and chipped teeth. Because porcelain veneers are custom made and fitted to your teeth you can customize and improve much more than just the color of your teeth. Crooked and chipped teeth can have their appearances improved to give you a beautiful new smile. Any broken teeth can be repaired using dental crowns, or caps, that can be color matched to your dental veneers.

Cosmetic Digital Imaging - for Planning Purposes

Cosmetic digital imaging is provided using digital technology in our office to aid your decision making process. Cosmetic digital imaging is meant to supplement the porcelain veneers consultation. This allows the us to give you an idea what the end result of the porcelain veneers procedure will be without performing any medical treatment. Cosmetic digital imaging, however, is meant to serve only as a guide and it is important to remember that the end result is likely to differ slightly.

How Much Do Porcelain Veneers Cost?

The cost of porcelain veneers depends on the number of teeth being treated. Porcelain veneers generally cost from $700 to $2,000 per tooth. When considering the cost of porcelain veneers, you must take into account their longevity and attractiveness. Porcelain veneers are long lasting alternatives to other treatments that cost less but must be repaired more often and lose their cosmetic appeal more quickly.

This offering is for one porcelain tooth veneer complete - three visits.

Come in and let's plan your beautiful smile!

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