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Breast Augmentation: All Inclusive Package

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marcel Scheinman MD offers Breast Augmentation: All In... for a list price of $6500

Dr. Scheinman has extensive experience with both silicone and saline implants having made women look and feel more beautiful. Please visit our site for case studies and to see the results of our work at http://www.fivetownsplasticsurgery.com/.

This price includes the hospital and anesthesia fee, my fees, as well as all materials and medication needed for the procedure. It also includes your initial visit and all follow-up visits are included as well.

If you are not satisfied after the initial consultation and do not want to go forward with the procedure, there is no charge!

Look More Beautiful and feel great - come see what can be done!

Additional Information About This Offer:

Age Range: 18-70

Background Information:

Breast Augmentation Basics

This offering is ideal for the woman who wants to enhance her breast shape, cup size or even both.  Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure medically referred to as an augmentation mammoplasty. Annually, tens of thousands of women decide to have breast augmentation.

Prevalent Reasons for Breast Augmentation

While the decision to have the procedure is a personal one, the most popular reasons women have breast augmentation surgery include the following:

  • Diminutive - For women who are self-conscious or feel inadequate about the small dimensions of their bosom size, breast augmentation can serve as a panacea for more confidence and better appearance.
  • Disfigurement - Following breast cancer surgery or to amend breast disfigurement (accidental, congenital or heredity), breast augmentation may drastically improve the appearance of the breasts. It offers a foundation for contouring the breasts’ appearance.
  • Disproportionate - Certain women lack symmetry in the size and shape of their breasts. To make bosoms seem more proportionate in size and shape, breast augmentation can improve the appearance.
  • Post Childbirth - Subsequent to pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding, the volume of a woman's breast may be depleted of its suppleness. To restore the appearance of full breasts, many mothers opt for either a breast lift or augmentation.

What does breast augmentation entail?

Breast augmentation procedures entail several steps. First, there’s a consultation with a licensed plastic surgeon. The prospective surgical procedure is reviewed and the characteristics of the breast implants are assessed (size, shape, filler and any other pertinent features) to accommodate the patient’s health and cosmetic objectives. Contingent upon the patient’s physical profile, the plastic surgeon makes the best breast implant recommendations based on the following specifications:

  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Diameter

The procedure and criteria is based upon a woman's:

  • Body type
  • Breast anatomy
  • Planned cup size
  • Lifestyle



actual before and after photos 

Every woman is different, with different needs.  Come in for a visit and we can show you a great new you!

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