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Face Lift / Facial Rejuvenation

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marcel Scheinman MD offers Face Lift / Facial Rejuvena... for a list price of $9000

This offer is for a complete face lift procedure without any special circumstances.  Special circumstances can only be determined during consultation, which is free.

This offer includes all services and fees associated with the medical, facility, and anesthesia provided by Physicians, our office, and our surgical centers.

Additional Information About This Offer:

Background Information:

Face lifts are tantamount to a face revival --- but what should a prospective patient expect?

As humans mature, oxidative stress or aging takes its toll on the face. From sun exposure, gravity and the daily stresses of life, aging is an inevitable phenomenon. Crows feet trickle their way down the forehead, around the eyes and into hidden creases between the nose and mouth.

No longer, surgical procedures for Hollywood celebrities only, across the nation, men and women, alike, over the age of 45 are exploring the wonders of a facelift. Primarily for a younger appearance, facelifts can boost one’s self-confidence.

Whilst medical researchers scurry to discover breakthroughs in anti-aging, rhytidectomies or facelifts remain the ultimate weapon against turning back the face’s odometer on aging. Facelifts serve the following anti-aging solutions:

  • Smooth out wrinkles
  • Tighten underlying facial muscles
  • The removal of excess fat
  • Reset skin elasticity in the face and neck



actual before and after photos

Unlike various anti-aging creams that promise to interrupt the signs of aging, facelifts are deemed as a reconstructive surgery. As a result, the procedure does not have the ability to stop aging; but rather, it rejuvenates facial features.

Quite often facelifts are done in conjunction with other reconstructive surgical procedures. For instance, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), a forehead lift or even eyelid surgery can be performed over the same time span.

The ultimate facelift candidate has a little skin elasticity, a sagging face or neck and a well-defined bone structure. The vast majority of facelifts are performed on patient’s aged 40 to 60; however, the procedure can be performed on people up to the age of 85.

About the Facelift Procedure

Facelift procedure encompasses several phases. During the initial consultation, a plastic surgeon will examine the patient’s medical conditions, face and confer about the objectives of the surgery.

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