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Occipital Nerve Block - Headaches, Neck Strain, & Cervical Strain Pain Relief

Michael Cassaro M.D. offers Occipital Nerve Block - Hea... for a list price of $95

Greater Occipital Nerve Block or Lesser Occipital Nerve Block performed in the office without x-ray guidance. Occipital nerve blocks are used to relieve headaches that come from the neck. Neck strain, or cervical strain can cause cervicogenic headaches. The pain is in the back of the skull and may also radiate to the side of the head, in the temple or forehead. This procedure will be performed by Michael G. Cassaro M.D., Jeffersonville, IN 47130, one mile from downtown Louisville, KY.

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Age Range: 18+

Created on: 12/08/10
Last modified on: 03/13/11
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