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Paul K. Branch, MD Holistic Medicine and Classic Homeopathy


Family Practice, Homeopathic Medicine, Weight loss, Nutrition Counseling, Holistic Medicine


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Professional Statement:

I specialize in clearing away barriers to health. I work with patients comprehensively from head to toe and inside out. Most patients go to the doctor for a specific symptom; our practice helps restore their lives to a healthier state of mind. My patients save money on doctor visits and medical co-pays and overall time being sick. We offer a 30 minute free consultation, so if you would like additional information or know of anyone who may be interested, please let me (or them) know.


  • University of Nebraska College of Medicine

Family Practice Residency: Lehigh Valley Hospital, Allentown, PA

Dr. Branch believes that medicine is best practiced while seeing different points of view at once–a type of “holographic” medicine. He is dedicated to ensuring his patients receive the best holistic care. His goal is always deep, curative therapy.

To this end he also has completed the following additional training activities

Classical Homeopathy Dr. Branch began treating patients with classical homeopathy when he opened his practice in 1999 and it has remained his preferred approach to health for his patients. He has had years of study under the renowned Bombay Group, including Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Divya Chhaabra, and Dr. Jayesh Shah. He believes classical homeopathy to be the “queen of medicines,” unsurpassed in its ability to heal the mind and body at once.

Nutritional and Dietary Medicine An integral part of Dr. Branch’s practice is whole foods medicine. He takes a Chinese medicine, five-element approach to foods. Many patients are too depleted for heavy use of supplements and nutriceuticals, creating the need for easily-digested whole foods that balance the mind and body.

Chinese Medicine Dr. Branch’s interest in traditional Chinese medicine began in 1989, when he began to explore Chinese energetic practices. His collaboration with the brilliant acupuncturist Dr. Yongli Ni in Washington D.C. began in 2005. He now uses the Digimeridian machine (see Digimeridian measurement.) Dr. Ni developed to give exact information about the energetic strengths and weaknesses in his patients.

Hormonal Medicine, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Dr. Branch has taken a special interest in hormonal medicine, particularly as it relates to anti-aging and weight loss and believes that bio-identical hormonal therapy can provide important adjunct therapy in certain cases. He was certified in the Wiley Protocol in 2009.

Ayurvedic Medicine In 1997 Dr. Branch began a study of the health traditions of traditional India, stemming from the vedic sciences. He practices hatha yoga and yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) daily. He has deep knowledge in the traditional Vedic astrology of ancient India, for which people people frequently seek his services. He currently studies Sanskrit with a local New York City group.

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